Late Show! The Funktronics



Venue:Late Show! The Funktronics


The Funktronics return to Bossa for their first gig of 2018, bringing a fresh interpretation of classic grooves and recent jams, all done in a tasteful fashion yet guaranteed to please the brain as well as the booty (to paraphrase Michael League).

Much in the vein of Cory Henry, the quartet enjoys taking funk and jazz tunes from the past and giving their current spin on them – or sometimes a classic reinterpretation of a modern hit works as well.

Saxophonist Joe Anderson will once again join John Yuan (keys), Stephen Evans (guitar), Nima Ghovanlu (bass), and Kenny Powell (drums) as they continue their bimonthly residency of funk, jazz, blues, and everything in-between.

Cost: $5 at the door