Tsai’s Birthday + Graduation: Fiesta pa’ la gente!



Venue:Tsai's Birthday + Graduation: Fiesta pa' la gente!


Join Tsai in celebration of her long-awaited undergrad graduation (eight years!), which just happens to be one day after her 27th birthday. In true Sagi fashion, she plans to commemorate both milestones with a nice explosive bang of love and light for this new chapter in her life.

Says Tsai: “I so love being a Sagi (Sun and Moon), but the Capricorn in my chart is probably what’s got me through a lot of this hard work – plus all the amazing people in my life – so please help me celebrate myself and all of those folks who have helped me through and find out how we Sagis get down! There will be performances, art for sale, nice food (non-vegan options available), and, last but not least, music – and, oh yes, so much dancing! Looking fwd to it! Now wish me luck on my finals. Peace and love!”

Cost: $5 at the door