Late Show! Three Man Soul Machine



Venue:Late Show! Three Man Soul Machine


Three Man Soul Machine is a self-contained funky trio that transcends genres in order to bring the groove to you. Blending soul, jazz, blues, and reggae, Three Man Soul Machine puts together a musical gumbo that stretches from Africa to the Caribbean and lands home in the USA. Hopefully in one of these provinces of musical bliss, you, the listener, can find a home.

Three Man Soul Machine features Carter Stevens on organ; Mylie Durham IV on drums; and Frank Mitchell, Jr. on tenor saxophone. While Carter Stevens is a relative newcomer to the DC music scene, Mylie and Frank have played with bands including The Funk Ark, The Harry Bells, See-I, and Thievery Corporation over the last 10 years.

These three musicians enjoy a variety of music and grooves and strive to blend these interests into their own version of the 21K organ trio. If you love Bob Marley, Stanely Turrentine, Tommy McCook, and James Brown, you’ll dig Three Man Soul Machine.

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