Flamenco Passion with Cuerpo y Alma



Venue:Flamenco Passion with Cuerpo y Alma


When you walk down the streets of Sevilla on a summer night, sounds of flamenco pour out of every little bar and café. Music and wine flow freely, singers and dancers join in, friends clap and cheer “olé!” – it’s all about duende: the soul, the swing, the emotion.

Cuerpo y Alma tries to capture a bit of this soul and bring it to DC. The group is a collaboration of flamenco guitarists and dancers, world music and jazz musicians, joined by amazing guest performers.

This show features: Debra “La Furia” Belo (dance), Michael “Miguelito” Perez (guitar), Kamel Zennia (vocals), Hector Barez (percussion), and Maksim “El Gordo” Tsvetovat.

Seating space is limited and will sell out quickly, so be sure to call ahead for reservations: 202-650-9351.

Cost: $10 at the door
Dance class with Debra starts at 6 pm; live music to follow.