Early Show! Stratum: Experimental Music Series



Venue:Early Show! Stratum: Experimental Music Series


Double bill for this edition of Bossa’s Experimental Music Series!

Spookstina is the empathic drone, found sound, meditative-loops project from Christina Coocoo of Raleigh, NC. Says Rick Walker: “Artistically, I have really loved Christina’s music (aka Spookstina). It’s hard to describe but it has a combination of noise, experimental electronics, found sound with beautiful human voice, and cassette samples of many different kinds of sounds; all of which she plays “through” the pickups of her bass guitar. There are elements of ritual and even a kind of dark shamanism in it, too. I lightly refer to it as ‘ambient music for demons’.”

Mount Rainier is the solo project of DC musician Matt Cohen, who plays in the drone duo Literals. Inspired by the latter-day experimentalism of John Fahey and the simple, dusty melodies of Bruce Langhorne, Cohen utilizes delicate, western-tinged guitar melodies and field recordings to create dense soundscapes and cinematic sound collages.

Cost: $5 suggested donation