Weird World Series Presents: Time Is Fire | MUNDY | Loi Loi



Venue:Weird World Series Presents: Time Is Fire | MUNDY | Loi Loi


Triple bill!

It’s a weird world, baby! Losing grasp on dreams, they create alternative reality for us. But we resist forces of evil tonight with the following artists:

Time Is Fire play music from a country that doesn’t exist. Fronted by an Iranian-born Sufi poet and backed by players steeped in punk, dance, and experimental music, Time Is Fire mixes pan-cultural rhythms, floor-shaking funk grooves, and acid-laced guitar into a mind-expanding geopolitical dance party. Time is Fire’s newest release, Angels, is like an international airport hub of music in present-day America, largely because of the varied backgrounds of its members.

MUNDY is a DC-based band serving New Wave soul – a space glam look with a punk rock edge. With body-moving beats and soaring melodies, MUNDY will get you lifted and make you dance it out. Upbeat and visually engaging, MUNDY is a theatrical rock experience. Their songs take you on a trip through space and time to a place where acceptance, passion, and joy are the only reality.

Loi Loi is an indie-electronic group with an eclectic background of rock ‘n’ roll, R&B, and soul influences, composed of the two-headed sibling/synthophile monster Johnny Fantastic and Kristie. Loi Loi formed four years ago in China and has toured on the East Coast and Spain. The band is a 100-percent DIY original and energetic project with songs in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

Cost: $5-10 suggested donation for the music and artists you adore