Our Saturday night salsero Raul Morel is back in DC on the heels of a very successful PR campaign in the Dominican Republic.

Sin duda, Raul is a star, and his following in the DR is clearly just the tip of the iceberg. While on his brief tour, he appeared on two prominent TV programs, “Te Están Facturando con Gerardo Encarnación” and “Extremo a Extremo”; and the radio show “El Mismo Golpe con Jochy Santos”. He also gave a special live performance to a packed house at Discoteca El Águila with the much revered Chiquito Team Band RD.

With over 50 original compositions under his belt and the media’s eye on him, Raul is poised to blast off into salsa stardom. The next Marc Anthony, anyone? Luckily, you don’t have to wait in a long line or shell out a mint (yet!) to catch one of his shows here in the DC area. Get your fancy footwork ready, and come to Bossa on Saturday nights to support this burgeoning cantautor, backed by the one and only Tumbao, led by Jorge Martinez.

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