All of us here at Bossa are jazzed to welcome Clermont Music’s Imarhan Timbuktu to the house! This special show – presented by Multiflora Productions – is staged in the thick of many successful goings-on for the Malian supergroup, including a hot-off-the-press appearance at Austin’s South by Southwest Festival.

In the great vein of musicians like Khaïra Arby, Terakaft, and the colossal Tinariwen, Imarhan Timbuktu brings the desert to the masses, combining plugged and unplugged elements to their radiant brand of Saharan blues. No newbies to life on the road (they have previously toured Europe and North America with their sister group Tartit), the band’s stop at Bossa is part of a solo tour and in support of the release of their debut album, Akal Warled (Foreign Country), which is set to drop on Tuesday.

We’re very much looking forward to hosting this family of artists as they pass through DC in full Touareg regalia. Don’t miss the show on Wednesday, March 19 (dancing shoes recommended)!


photo of Imarhan Timbuktu on stage at SXSW with Sihasin © UnderCurrents Radio

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