If you’re a Bossa regular, you’re already familiar with the work of Cuban artist Lazaro Batista. His abstract creations and colorful hieroglyphics adorn niches, door frames, and sections of wall throughout the bar, giving Bossa a feel that is at once vivid and playful. But now there is a pièce de résistance: Lazaro has just completed a mural – his largest undertaking for Bossa to date – in the stairwell.

Drawing inspiration from Bossa’s Brazilian roots and one of his earlier works at the bottom of the staircase of a Bahian orixá – a Yoruba saint or spirit from Brazil’s candomblé tradition – he set out to give the space something eye-catching, festive, and very Brazilian. The result is a scene straight out of the Brazilian Songbook: evening in the favela; party in effect; dancers, lovers, and families sambaing into the night – a vision evoked in Martinho da Vila’s famous “Felicidade, O Teu Nome … Uma Favela”.

“I spoke with the owner, and he sketched out this scene for me,” said Lazaro. “He wanted to bring more Brazilian flavor to the bar and also to reflect its festive atmosphere.” Just in time for World Cup!

You can check out Lazaro’s new mural – as well as other pieces and details by this celebrated painter – now!

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