When it comes to samba, Demeteris Hale is the woman who can show you the ropes on the dance floor.  With graceful candor and an effervescence that’s as infectious as a Cartola classic, Dee imparts her skills and her love for Brazilian verve and rhythm to both newbies and pros on Bossa’s second floor twice a month. What drives Dee to samba até o fim (until the end)? We asked her.

What dances do you teach, and how long have you been teaching?
I teach samba de gafieira. I’ve been a student longer; I decided to teach last year.

How did you get involved in Brazilian dance?
The music of samba really touched me the first time I heard it! Then when I danced, the joy in the movement completely took over.

What is your favorite song to dance to?
“O Surdo” by Alcione.

Do you have any advice to offer those interested in learning Brazilian dances?
Enjoy the music; Brazilian dance is incredibly liberating and so connected to the music.

What do you like about teaching at Bossa?
Bossa’s vibe is awesome! It really transports you to another place – the lights, the art, and the staff are really great.

We think Dee is great, too! Take a class with Dee – and her fellow instructor Amtchat Edwards – from 7:30 to 9:30 pm upstairs every second and fourth Thursday of the month. After the lesson, bring your skills downstairs for caipirinhas and Brazilian music! The fourth Thursday lesson is followed by a live performance by Cissa Paz and friends.

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