In 2013, a scattered group of ska aficionados were all vexed by the same woe: the tragic deficit of ska acts in the DMV. But thanks to the great gatherer of similar souls known as Craig’s List, it took but a few ads to bring these birds of a feather together to rectify the problem. They decided to form a band called The Captivators, and like any good family, they take their moniker pretty seriously, as you’ll discover as you read on.

“The name The Captivators came about because we wanted to be the kind of band that grabs and holds everyone’s attention,” said guitarist Dan Captivator.

Dan – along with Alex Captivator (drums), Bill Captivator (vocals and trombone), Charles Captivator (bass), Jaime Captivator (saxophone), and Mark Captivator (keyboards and trumpet) – claims the group’s groove fused in bang-up fashion one night when they decided to try something a little far out: a ska version of “I Wanna Be Like You”. Their take on the song – originally conceived for jazz man Louis Prima for Disney’s 1967 animated gem, The Jungle Book – was a smash.

“We found a place to play real loud music,” said Dan, “and when we tried out ‘I Wanna Be Like You’, our synergy was immediately apparent.”

Thanks in part to The Captivators, the DC ska scene is a little healthier these days. Other bands have joined them in their quest to remedy the ska shortage, and while it’s a genre with a modest following, its fans are a devoted bunch. This has prompted a rise in events that feature ska and reggae bands from the area, which in turn has persuaded new clubs to feature ska in their music rotation.

Bossa, incidentally, was never on the slow train to ska town – we’ve long been welcoming these talented artists through our doors and are pleased to welcome The Captivators back to our main stage.

“Bossa is an awesome place to gig,” said Dan. “It’s got great sound, and its stage lends itself to intimate experiences with audiences.”

Don’t miss The Captivators doing their ska/reggae/soul thang – with chums Caz Gardiner and Tropik Sol – live on Thursday, June 22!


story © yillah 2017
photo courtesy of The Captivators